Range Rover Bonnet/Tailgate 10 Letter Set


Range Rover Classic Bonnet/Tailgate Letter Set (with rear pins).

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Range Rover Classic Bonnet/Tailgate Letter Set.
This a replica Bonnet/Tailgate raised letter set as fitted to Suffix A vehicles.
Consisting of:
3 off – 392603, Letter R
1 off – 392604, Letter A
1 off – 392605, Letter N
1 off – 392606, Letter G
2 off – 392607, Letter E
1 off – 392608, Letter O
1 off – 392609, Letter V
Manufactured from UV resistant micro carbon filled nylon.
Note, these are manufactured with rear pins to allow attachment as per the original fitment. Versions without pins for attachment by double sided tape or adhesive (not supplied) are available here.
Letters are also available individually as required.