Bespoke Products

We can design and manufacture bespoke 3D printed components or prototypes to your specifications.

Find below some of the more diverse projects we have been involved in.

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MGB Air Filters

A client approached us with a requirement for a lightweight but durable mounting, for reasonably sized K&N filters to a MGB GT.

After a number of design concepts and reviews with the client, it was concluded this design to be most suitable. Producing a smooth air flow due the bell mouth trumpet design, and easy to install because of the individual top plates.

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Exhibition Models

We had a requirement to produce a model of a mine clearance vehicle. The client provided a full-size 3D model that needed to be scaled down to a ‘table top’ sized model for an exhibition.

Still too large to be printed in one hit, the model was then sliced up into sensible sized parts for manufacture and then assembled and painted prior to being exhibited at an overseas show.

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Obsolete Part Replacements

In this case an end cap of a small motor assembly was required, as the original material had deteriorated, and became brittle with age, causing eventual failure.

Fortunately we were able to reverse engineer and manufacture a replacement cap, enabling the original equipment to be retained, rather then expensive renewal of the complete system.

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Classic Range Rover Vent/Grill Caps

Part of the suite of difficult to obtain Classic Range Rover parts available from our shop. 

These have been reverse engineered and are now available in a UV Resistant material. Available in 2 different widths as it seems the actual grills shrink slightly resulting in a loose fit and ugly gaps. Originally 17mm wide we can also provide the more popular 20mm wide units.

Miscellaneous Classic Range Rover Parts

We have been experimenting with various Classic Range Rover parts . These include: bonnet/boot letter sets from the original Suffix A – D design, window winder escutcheons, number plate light lens holders, and rear window sliding bars.

If you require a Classic Range Rover part to be printed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Miscellaneous MG T-type Parts

We are experimenting with a number of accessories for the MG TD. These include: a radiator cap spanner, to tighten down your radiator cap without damaging the chrome, and a pair of magnetic bonnet holders with felt on the underside to avoid paintwork damage. Parts are manufactured from micro carbon strand filled nylon which provides a robust solution suitable for the parts being manufactured.

If you require a MG T-type part to be printed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reliant Scimitar Interior

We have been working closely with a client who requires parts for a Reliant Scimitar Coupe.

Due to the rarity of the car and difficulty in finding parts, we engineered an agreed design using CAD. We then 3D printed a steering column cowl, and a new centre console for wiper switches and more.

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MG Air Inlet Trumpets (SU)

Specifically designed for 1.5″ SU carburettors, these bellmouth trumpets improve airflow into the engine.

Simple to install and suitable for use with ‘sock’ type filters.

Please contact us for the availability of other sizes and designs.  

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MG T-type Mascots

Especially for Classic Car Drive It Days. Add a mascot to the radiator cap of an MG T-type. Available for a range of models.

Can be supplied with chrome (or any other colour) spray if required. Please contact us for the availability of designs.  

Air Intake Adaptor Pipe

We were asked to draw and manufacture an air intake adaptor pipe to fit from a  turbocharger Inlet to a more sensible sized less restrictive filter than the one fitted. The result is a thin walled tube manufactured in ‘Onyx’ which has sufficient strength to support the actual filter as well as withstand the clamping force of the Silicon hose and Filter attachments.. The section is tapered from a 75mm O/D to 60mm O/D to allow a bigger air filter to be installed. The tube is also angled at 26° on the end for the air filter to ensure perfect placement of the filter and avoid clashing with other engine ancillaries.

Industrial Robot driver for vehicles

A manufacturer of vehicle test equipment requested a design review on their Robot driver with a view to reducing the high manufacturing costs of the original design.

Originally many complex parts were manufactured from Acetal plastics requiring high tooling set up costs for what was a low volume requirement.

Taking the original designs and updating these we were able to make significant cost savings on many of the items. At the same time we were also able to incorporate several parts into one, making assembly easier.

Manufacturing these from ‘Onyx’ all the items retained their mechanical properties requirement as well as suitability for use at all temperatures between -40 and +60°C.

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